Ethics & Sustainability

Alfaran Trailers is committed to maintaining high standards of ethical behaviour in the conduct of business. We are accountable to our clients, the local community, and employees for conducting our business in a safe, respectful, legal, and sustainable manner.
We comply with all laws and respect the requirements and practices of the countries in which we operate.

The company maintains a supportive, professional, and positive workplace environment. We appreciate the unique skills, experience, and talent of individuals, treating everyone with courtesy, fairness, and respect.

We build relationships and teams based on trust, honesty and integrity.

Alfaran Trailers understands and respects the sensitive and confidential nature of information that we are provided in our business by clients. We do not release this information without appropriate consent—unless required to do so by law.

We optimise the company’s net environmental, social and economic performance in all aspects of our business dealings. Over the past decades, thanks to technological innovation, carbon dioxide emissions have decreased, while engine efficiency has soared. Alfaran Trailers continues to take advantage of modern and efficient technology to preserve the environment.

Alfaran Trailers continues to:

  • Only invest in new vehicles which comply with the latest European emission and noise regulations
  • Control, assess and reduce the fuel consumption and emission levels of all its vehicles
  • Encourage employees to have consideration for the environment
  • Ensure that vehicle weights remain within legal restrictions, limiting damage to the road network and the environment
  • Promote road safety and good driving practices by providing a high standard of training and monitoring
  • Push for greater fuel economy, reducing emission levels by providing high standards of driver training
  • Ensure that our service station carries out repairs and servicing in an environmentally considerate manner, ensuring that all waste vehicle oil disposal is carried out by licensed operators
  • Recycle used paper and other material wherever it is possible and practicable to do so